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Tim M.

Clarksville, TN


Kelly G.

Morgantown, IN






 Bev H.

Elkhart, IN







Linda Y.

Richardson, TX


LaDena R.

Vancouver, WA



Laura K.

Webster, NY



Harriet T.

Marston Mills, MA


Harmony S.

Gualala, CA



Dixie B.

Clinton, MS






Chris R.

Richmond, Illinois














Frank S.

Santa Monica, California




Barry D.

Hoover, Alabama






"I am very pleased with the service as well as the quality of the tag I ordered."



"Yes I am satisfied with the tags.  When I went to your website, I found it to be very user friendly.  I just clicked the custom tag link and went from there.  It was very easy to design my tags and get a price quote.  Initially, the deciding factor in ordering from your site was the turn around time.  Therefore I thought it would be worth asking if you would match your competitor's price.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and will definitely be ordering from you in the future."


"We are very pleased with the tags that we purchased from Green Mountain Tag & Label.  Our company has 2 plants and by having a different color inventory tag we are easily able to designate which plant the inventory belongs to.  After searching for colored inventory tags on the web, yours were the most reasonably priced.  I was very pleased with the response from your company after placing our order, along with your concern that we received the correct product, and that we received it quickly.  We would purchase from Green Mountain again."


"Thanks for the awesome customer service!!"



"I was very satisfied with the service that I got from Green Mountain Tag & Label.  Thank you." 



"Thanks so much for sorting out my last order and sending the labels so quickly.  Just what I needed and despite the problem they arrived very quickly.  Thanks for excellent service and your caring attitude."


"We received our order quickly and in good condition.  The tags were exactly as described and what we needed." 


"Thank you for the excellent customer service."




"Thanks so much for giving me an opportunity to express my thanks for the way my order was handled.  First, your customer friendly site made ordering really easy; your promptly sent an email acknowledging the order, then you emailed me to let me know the arrival date.  Everything went just as promised, which is something of a rarity in this day and time, but I appreciate the service your company gives.  When these tags run out, you may rest assured my next order will be to your company."    


"The online tool concept is great and I loved the quick visual that it gives to the final design.  I was also able to print it out ahead of time to get buy-in from my teams on the look and feel of the tags I designed.  My only suggestion would be for it not to "time out" after a certain point.The customer service is great and any concern I had was walked through by your staff.  I also thought your staff went the extra mile to call on anything you thought was designed in error to verify the correct tags I was going to buy met what I was expecting.That saved me a reprint since I failed to notice I had two tag id's listed.  Thank you for that.  The follow up process you had was big for me.  After I received the product I got a call and email asking if it was what I expected and was I happy with the results.  The person reached out to me as well to understand if I felt any improvements in their process could be made to improve my satisfaction or others that may buy from them.  This is great work and even mirrors what my company does as part of its Lean Manufacturing Journey."



"Fast service, and exactly what I ordered.  I want to have printed tags done and will be back for them!  I will recommend GMTL because you folks seem like a nice company."



"Friendly, helpful, efficient and fast service!  You're the best; I will put a sample tag in other staff members' boxes who may need tags for luggage, labeling, etc." 



"I want to congratulate you for doing something that very few businesses do.
Which is to continue to provide relevant information after the sale is made.
Most businesses just take your order and you never hear another word from
them…oh except future solicitations. Which is ok…but you have taken it a step
further…by taking the initiative to confirm my order information, tell me that my
order has been shipped, explain how it will appear on my statement, and provide
me with a tracking number (do you know how much time I have spent on the phone
trying to obtain a tracking number?) is not only unexpected service….it makes me
excited to get my product. Whoever is responsible
for implementing this into your sales processes is a very rare person indeed.
I am excited to share this with my colleagues and will definitely recommend
your business to anyone in need of your products.

Thank you for your fine service."